Have you ever heard of the “heavy chain stitch”? That was a new stitch for me on this Crewel piece by Nicola Jarvis…below is a picture of the stitch on the project…

I know I took it out a few times…over at Mary Corbet’s “NeedleNThread” her video tutorial was a lifesaver….thank you Mary…. believe it or not this part was the favorite of my husbands he liked the effect it gave to this part of the piece….
Working this crewel piece was challenging as I had to interpret the instructions and naturally wanted to keep to Nicolas “vision” for the piece…
Thankfully every time I contacted her she said everything looked fabulous…so I was good to go on without much input because I felt I was working the piece the way she wanted it….
Next time another section…what fun I had!

Love to hear comments...thanks!