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The Head “Whooo HOOOO!

Pufff……I definitely was nervous about doing the head….but as always muddled on….there was long and short stitch of which I have done little of in the past 6 months so you end up learning all over again…never ever be shy about going to your reference books or the internet to find some help….I type in crazy questions in the search box and what a help always….! A simple example would be  “Help me learn satin hand embroidery stitching?” and up comes lots of links as well as images/videos etc. Thankfully you can find just about any answer you need for the project your doing….

 Back to the head….also there is satin stitching..the beak and eye…split stitching around the outside of the eye..a couple of cute small french knots for the nostrils…I do believe the head came out just fine…..even for all my nervousness….at least Nicola loved him….(she always referred to it as a “Him”…..) After all this you should be able to tell what this crewelwork piece is………….

I will have a whole reveal of the project later on….meantime enjoy! 

A Small Taste of Goldwork

A “Crown”….a nice small bit of “Goldwork” ….okay get the clamp out or at least something that will “squeeze” your japanese gold thread together for those points…this crown was a bit off kilter but that is what is expected when your are working with a “hand drawing/stitchery” …  (for myself I am thoroughly enjoying the lack of technology in “handwork”… although I embrace my technophobia for sharing what I learn… that’s a contrast…. ) The crown also has small gold beads, and colored sequins to give it that “jewel” look…very nice….

   This picture is a little fuzzy and I apologize for it ….I cropped it from another part but the idea is there for sure…. I just have a couple more neat parts of this project to reveal the final piece…..this is a part of “Nicola Jarvis’s 2015/2016 Winter collection….

Sneak peek at more later on…. 

Crewel….small roses and leaves

The small roses on this project by Nicola Jarvis were done with a split stitch and some of those pesky little french knots…Wool for me tends to blend into itself…I am sure the tension each one of us uses has different effects on a finished design…I think at times I can be a little loose so things blend together…I would have liked to be able to see the split stitch a little better… The stem stitch was also used here at well as the satin stitch for the leaves… One thing that can be very either very relaxing or tedious depending on your mood (or mine in this case) is the seeding stitch in the background of this area….it was done with a metallic thread and the only problem I find using this thread is the shredding that can occur as the thread passes through the fabric…so I tend to find a little larger needle.. to help with the thread so it will keep from shredding as much…I have also used “Sewers Aid” through the years to coat metallic threads so they sew easier whether it be by machine or by hand. Just a drop on a small sponge and pass your thread on it and it will help with the shredding also…Naturally you want to make sure you are careful in keeping the sewers aid from dripping on your fabric …a little goes a long way… do remember that the shorter cut length of thread is important too… I always tell everyone you do need to find what works “for you” as we are all different in how we approach what we do…  Enjoy….