A Small Taste of Goldwork

A “Crown”….a nice small bit of “Goldwork” ….okay get the clamp out or at least something that will “squeeze” your japanese gold thread together for those points…this crown was a bit off kilter but that is what is expected when your are working with a “hand drawing/stitchery” …  (for myself I am thoroughly enjoying the lack of technology in “handwork”… although I embrace my technophobia for sharing what I learn…..now that’s a contrast…. ) The crown also has small gold beads, and colored sequins to give it that “jewel” look…very nice….

   This picture is a little fuzzy and I apologize for it ….I cropped it from another part but the idea is there for sure…. I just have a couple more neat parts of this project to reveal the final piece…..this is a part of “Nicola Jarvis’s 2015/2016 Winter collection….

Sneak peek at more later on…. 

Love to hear comments...thanks!