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Working the Long and Short Stitch on Katarina the Cat

When working my long and short stitch…I take a look at the area to be stitched…look at the shading of the colors in the area then I take my “handy dandy” air erasable marker and draw some lines that will give me a “general idea” of the “size or area” of each color of thread …..example below           

You can also see the air erasable marks on the right where there is some satin stitching going on…these marks disappear fairly quickly “couple of days” at the longest so only put them on if working in that area for a short span of time. Such a nice trick…so things stay uniform  when the embroideries directions call for it… 

Mistakes in drawing a line…look below again and you can see where one line was……my mind was changed and this line is already dissappearing….  nice….! 


Eyelets…Satin ….. French Knots and Split Stitch

     Whew…finished the eyelets…then the satin stitched flower using broder outlined with two colors of split stitch…I tend to do a back stitch split stitch…I use more floss but it is what works for me…I tried the other way and unfortunately the consistancy is just not there…(old eyes again)…  the round little satin stitched circles are padded so that was fun and tedious at the same time…then onto outlining them also…

    Stitched french knots using 3 different shades of floss around the eyelets and satin stitched circles…this filled in the background a bit…the french knots were also used for the center of the flower in a cream floss. Whew….one strand of floss and one twist of thread for each french knot…now that is tiny but it looks good. The close up picture really makes things look bigger than they really are…

     Off to “maybe” start the neck and some “long and short” stitch…will see how that goes…it’s been awhile since I have done any of that…a little nervous….but it usually comes out okay….


Working on Handmade Eyelets

Katarina has a few hand embroidered eyelets to make….For me…I enjoy doing these as I get to “make a hole” in the fabric …weird… but fun all the same for me…. First I used a small running stitch around the drawn circle line and then do another on top of that covering the spaces from the previous  stitching….you do need to tie off on the back and be careful making sure your thread is on the outside of the circle….keeping the place in the middle of the hole clear underneath from crossover threads… Using a laying tool or stilletto…punch a hole through the middle of the eyelet…now it is a matter of bringing your thread up through the hole and over the stitching creating a satin stitch all the way around …putting a bit of extra tension on your thread for each stitch till you have a nice filled circle….To finish…I end off underneath doing some thread weaving in the back of the eyelet making sure it is secure… The broder I am using did get slightly fuzzy…I think the thread was a bit to long this time…next time I will use a shorter piece…still looks nice though and taking them out….well….I do want to avoid that if I can…but it has happened! I held the piece an arms length away and the fuzzies disappeared! Fine by me!



Katarina the Cat…..Laidwork….hmmm…Air Erasable Marker

     I continued on with the laidwork portion of this project and I admit I enjoy doing laidwork…however….for me I have always been “equal line” challenged…plus rulers are our friends… right…even then I can struggle, maybe you do too…While I was into “machine embroidery” (still do some…but rarely) I found “air erasable markers…the purple ones (they mark with purple)….Even though this may upset a few people reading this…I used my air erasable to mark my lines on the ….white floss…cringe….it did the trick for me….now….all the lines have just disappeared into thin air…. you can look but they are gone!  It did take a few days but it was worth it because the final lines came out so nice….


Katarina The Cat

“Katerina The Cat” is a recent addition to “TrishB Embroidery”…her “Shades Of Whitework” collection…The original drawn design is by “Jill Buckley 2012” with the stitch deisgn by “Trish Burr 2014”  used by permission….I wanted to stitch this and waited patiently for the instructions to be sold in her shop…I bought the preprinted panel with instructions planning to buy all the threads here in the U.S…. being that cotton Broder is only readily availabe overseas and I did want to use this thread for the “white satin stitching” I ordered some from “Lacis” and received it in a timely manor…so I am off working on “Katarina the Cat”…below is a picture of the first part I stitched…noticing right off the bat that maybe I should have “spilt” each individual leaf into “two rows” of Satin stitch to maybe allow for a better center split stitch…but it is ones choice so I left it….still looks okay but may decide to take it out …and that is a “may decide” to change it when I am finished….I know after embroideries are finished things do take on their own wonderful character….  You may also notice the seeding in the background which gives the area a nice shading…did enjoy the challenge of this area… Hopefully you will get some wonderful ideas for you own piece….this is a very relaxing piece to work on so far and we all can use some relaxation!



“The Owl in all his Glory”

Finishing this wonderful “Woodland Creature” was magnificient for me…. as I shared before I had a wonderful time in working with the Appleton’s Crewel Wool and  Nicola Jarvis’s Stitch Design…

   The finishing touches were a nice stem…some leaves and some cutie acorns…the caps of the acorns used a very tiny laid stitch…which gave them their bumpy texture….

This crewel work is now in England at Nicola’s home awaiting it’s future….