Katarina The Cat

“Katerina The Cat” is a recent addition to “TrishB Embroidery”…her “Shades Of Whitework” collection…The original drawn design is by “Jill Buckley 2012” with the stitch deisgn by “Trish Burr 2014”  used by permission….I wanted to stitch this and waited patiently for the instructions to be sold in her shop…I bought the preprinted panel with instructions planning to buy all the threads here in the U.S…. being that cotton Broder is only readily availabe overseas and I did want to use this thread for the “white satin stitching” I ordered some from “Lacis” and received it in a timely manor…so I am off working on “Katarina the Cat”…below is a picture of the first part I stitched…noticing right off the bat that maybe I should have “spilt” each individual leaf into “two rows” of Satin stitch to maybe allow for a better center split stitch…but it is ones choice so I left it….still looks okay but may decide to take it out …and that is a “may decide” to change it when I am finished….I know after embroideries are finished things do take on their own wonderful character….  You may also notice the seeding in the background which gives the area a nice shading…did enjoy the challenge of this area… Hopefully you will get some wonderful ideas for you own piece….this is a very relaxing piece to work on so far and we all can use some relaxation!



Love to hear comments...thanks!