Working on Handmade Eyelets

Katarina has a few hand embroidered eyelets to make….For me…I enjoy doing these as I get to “make a hole” in the fabric …weird… but fun all the same for me…. First I used a small running stitch around the drawn circle line and then do another on top of that covering the spaces from the previous  stitching….you do need to tie off on the back and be careful making sure your thread is on the outside of the circle….keeping the place in the middle of the hole clear underneath from crossover threads… Using a laying tool or stilletto…punch a hole through the middle of the eyelet…now it is a matter of bringing your thread up through the hole and over the stitching creating a satin stitch all the way around …putting a bit of extra tension on your thread for each stitch till you have a nice filled circle….To finish…I end off underneath doing some thread weaving in the back of the eyelet making sure it is secure… The broder I am using did get slightly fuzzy…I think the thread was a bit to long this time…next time I will use a shorter piece…still looks nice though and taking them out….well….I do want to avoid that if I can…but it has happened! I held the piece an arms length away and the fuzzies disappeared! Fine by me!



Love to hear comments...thanks!