Working the Long and Short Stitch on Katarina the Cat

When working my long and short stitch…I take a look at the area to be stitched…look at the shading of the colors in the area then I take my “handy dandy” air erasable marker and draw some lines that will give me a “general idea” of the “size or area” of each color of thread …..example below           

You can also see the air erasable marks on the right where there is some satin stitching going on…these marks disappear fairly quickly “couple of days” at the longest so only put them on if working in that area for a short span of time. Such a nice trick…so things stay uniform  when the embroideries directions call for it… 

Mistakes in drawing a line…look below again and you can see where one line was……my mind was changed and this line is already dissappearing….  nice….! 


Love to hear comments...thanks!