Filling Shapes and Long and Short Stitch

   Trish Burr gives a choice to fill the little  shapes or “not”…as she says they can be quite fiddly…I agree…however since these shapes are supposed to be outlined I decided to go one step ahead of the “long and short” stitching and just “fill in the shapes” without the outline…then proceed to do the “long and short” stitching…followed by the outlining of the shapes….For me this worked quite well…it is always a good thing when you find something that works for you…. 


   The long and short stitch as I have said always can  use some practice….below is a picture of that finished area on the neck of “Katarina the Cat”…she is coming along beautifully…and it is nice to have written memories of working on this project…. One thing about this stitch is that it will never ever be the same as the one you may be copying from as it is more of a “random” feel with a bit of structure intertwined…love it…


Love to hear comments...thanks!