My Homemade Sewing Bits ….Mermaids

As a change of pace since being stuck on thread and needle painting for awhile …sharing another passion is the love for small stuffed creatures “not super tiny” just smallish…there are absolutely wonderful designers out there…For myself I can just drool at their creativity when it comes to these designs….Often taking the pattern and sewing it up then admiring the uniqueness of it all. 

Today  I am sharing the picture of a couple of “mermaids”, that were requested by two of my grandaughters…the pattern is called “Little Mermaid Sewing Pattern” by Dolls and Daydreams.

Manipulating the fabric was the goal for this project deciding to use a very shiny fabric and fusing fleece and then using a decorative stitch on the sewing machine to make the piece look like fish scales….next I placed the pattern piece on the prestitched fabric and cut out the tails….I must say the girls loved them and they came out cute…. 


Love to hear comments...thanks!