Sometimes a Little Crazy Goes A Long Way

Gloria McKinnon  of Anne’s Glory Box in Australia has some stunning crazy quilt embroidery kits…her work lends towards the Victorian and Asian influences….

    One that I purchased a number of years ago was “Asian Riches”…Gloria was teaching at the “Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion In Huntsville, Alabama. I needed to do some handwork and these classes were just the ticket for me….they transformed my sewing life.  

    Beading, ribbonwork, embroidery, lace, dyeing, fancy fabrics, sequins, special trims, knotwork….I was in heaven… working on these Asian blocks gave me respite from a stressful life going on at the time…ahhhhh!….below is just one of the blocks …..Could I have added more to them….yes…. but being that the Asian influences have a simplicity in their lifestyle …these blocks were just right…. this is the only block that is missing a spider and web….what elegance beading around the cabachon to hold it down…the ribbon flowers were wonderful to create..Each seam had its own treatment that might have included beads or silk ribbon….

Thankfully I embraced my times at Martha Pullens School of Art Fashion….I will miss them dearly as those were the times that mended my soul….


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