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A Cheap Smocking Tale

Many….Many…Many years ago I made this dress for my first grandchild…the pattern I believe came from  “Australian Smocking and Embroidery Magazine”… the unique (or cheap) things about this dress are that it was made out of $1.00 a yard cotton mini gingham check material….and…sulky rayon thread 3 strands crocheted together to make the edging…I do believe as a needleworker we have to have a certain amount of over the top patience with a touch of the just the right kind of crazy…. also…everytime I look back at what I have made I see the  “I was nuts”…but also so pleased with the results of my creativity and with all the other needleworkers who contribute to our world.


 The following pictures are a closer look at the bodice…hem….bow in back and sleeves of this dress…there is beading within the smocking stitches as well as handstitched bows and boullion flowers with a crocheted edging …the edging was attached with entredeux then the”sulky rayon” was crocheted making a scalloped edging around the bodice, hem, sleeve and bow in back.  I do remember enjoying making this dress….Lots of work but the accomplishiment was worth the final finish!





Ring Around the Tail…Katerina the Cat

     Taking shape around the tail are three “padded” satin rings…now the padding is interesting as it raises the rings to ‘new heights” Woo..Hooo…!  Using white DMC floche and a large/long split stitch (helps to fill in faster)… I forgot to layer the floche to give the element a rounded look and then it was decided to use the floche for the satin stitching…uh…uh..bad choice for me..taking out the satin part of the floche and then building up my padding a bit more then using DMC..white floss…one strand…. has made all the difference as you can see in the picture below… Wanting to finish the tail… time was spent on taking out and basically starting over but when it’s worth it is worth it!  Have one more ring to finish and am tons happier with the satin stitching..


A Few of My Favorite Things….

   Jenny McWhinney is a whimsical artist who designs then stitches them…I have picked up quite a few of her small ones over the years and believe it or not have finished quite a few of them….yippeee….not much else to do around the old ranch with old bones living in it…I am just keeping up appearances….

    Stitching gives one a moment of beauty when it is being worked on….your piece…you watch it grow and then it stares back at you with a glamour and beauty that is truly yours…even if the design came from a kit…the work on both ends is just breathtaking! I am always blown away by the designers abilities to make me swooon with the awwwww…..factor….

Below are three of Jennys designs that were finished in the last few years….enjoy…..I look at them quite often and feel a sense of peace…. 

This is my frog prince ….the blending of the throat colors make him one of my favorites….hope you like him too!?

 This is the cat….I just know she wants to eat those bees!  Hmmmm….should I or…..not!


Never ever thought of doing a embroidered pig ….but I always want to jump in and hug him…. just look at those itty bitty boullion carrots ….apples…basket weaving with thread and of course those cauliflowers….what fun!


First time taking On-Line course

Over at “Kathy Andrews” online course website…I have enrolled in “Trevelyon’s Cap”, where we will  be learning how to stitch a miniature cap based on a 16th century design by Thomas Trevelyon. I have gotten the course information on the materials and am happy that in my embroidery menagerie of threads I should be good to go without having to purchase much… Looking at the fabric for the piece was the only thing kind of holding me up ….I am very fortunate to have some very nice linen in different colors but will have to look at the stability of it for all the stitching involved.  Planning on putting a stabilizing material on the back will be an important step if I choose one of the finer linens. Right now, I am leaning towards a blue which will show up all the stitching…I have silks floating around too…but am hesitant to use them for this project. Plannning sometimes for me is a difficult one drives me nuts….but patience is key as with all things that turn out nice… 

Below is a picture of one side of the cap…I will “try” to post about my progress as time goes on….waiting with baited breath for the first PDF of instructions…