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Katarina the Cat Finish!

Today is the day..the unveiling of “Katerina The Cat”…design by Trish Burr and stitched by Avis Withers USA. I have to thank “Trish Burr” immensely for her talent and willingness to give me a place to learn a wonderful artform….Being a grandmother and getting older every day I am able to look back and see how far I have come with my needlework and I am glad I took up needle painting in my old age…it renews me…..and gives me a bit of peace in this frantic world….

I thoroughly enjoyed doing all of the techniques involved with this piece…I will frame her eventually when the purr-fect frame appears in my sights….must be one that just purrrs…with excitement….! 
So without further purring… she is….
I think the picture should be better but you make do with what you have available!

Real Cute Butterfly

One of the last parts of “Katrina the Cat” is a very “cute” butterfly …I love doing eyelets and this has “three” of them….what fun for me…I understand we all have our fun bits that we do when we stitch so enjoy them it is a nice change sometimes….

This is the butterfly…it has a bit of “laidwork”, padded satin stitch. split stitch outlines, and of course eyelets! I guess you can tell by now I like handmade eyelets…Oh, I forgot to mention two tiny french knots for the anntenae.  Later on I want to share a piece with you that my grandmother made that has handmade “cutwork” with the tiniest of buttonhole stitch…what talent…


A Whale of A Tail

Katerina’s Long Tail..

The part of the cat of Katerina the Cat is finished at least and below is the picture of the tail with the outlines…done and dusted.. There are still two smallish elements to finish and I get to play with handmade eyelets again…just love them….poking holes in fabric make my day sometimes…releases stress…especially when the finish is so pretty….

Hopefully the unveiling of the finished Katerina will be next week…I have been a bit slower than usual….but beautiful things do take time…. 


Remember Outlining with your Crayons?

With Katerina the Cat…the tail is heavily outlined…one thing that is interesting  Designer Trish Burr decided not to have an outline on one side of the tail.  Me…well… I just need to have an outline and that brought back that I always outlined my coloring pictures with crayon before I colored them…I am sure others did it afterwards which for stitching purposes makes sense because it allows for a much smoother finish from the previous stitching.

I like to cover up the edges of a satin stitch, especially if you have a bit of trouble keeping your stitching even and straight in areas that can be problematic like curves and such…the outline gives it a smoother look..I use a back split stitch with one strand of floss and they are tiny stitches…

In this photo you can see where the white split stitch has been applied to the tail…it does look a little raised right now but when the inside and the other side of the tail are done I believe it will come altogether.  

Moving a little slow on this piece at the outside of stitching has gotten in the way…but the rest of the summer after tomorrow is a quiet one….so I will be in my nice and cool space and hopefully stitching away….