Katarina the Cat Finish!

Today is the day..the unveiling of “Katerina The Cat”…design by Trish Burr and stitched by Avis Withers USA. I have to thank “Trish Burr” immensely for her talent and willingness to give me a place to learn a wonderful artform….Being a grandmother and getting older every day I am able to look back and see how far I have come with my needlework and I am glad I took up needle painting in my old age…it renews me…..and gives me a bit of peace in this frantic world….

I thoroughly enjoyed doing all of the techniques involved with this piece…I will frame her eventually when the purr-fect frame appears in my sights….must be one that just purrrs…with excitement….! 
So without further purring…..here she is….
I think the picture should be better but you make do with what you have available!

Love to hear comments...thanks!