Starting the “Trevelyon’s Cap” Online Course

Finally started the Cap course…. the 4 flowers on the top are finished.. Since I have a lot of “Cosmo” embroidery floss I decided to use them for my colors…I have used a color chart that helped me to change the DMC #’S to Cosmo…so because of some of the differences in color…I know the cap will look a bit different than the picture…Also I decided to use a sheer fabric that I backed with a fusible cotton which allows me to use “different types of fabric” for stitching besides the usual cottons, linens, and silks. I love all of them but do enjoy a change just to test things and so far I am happy…we shall see. The fabric is a shade of brown and I think it makes the stitching pop……good grief with the different floss and all it should be interesting when the cap is finished…

Below is a picture of the first flower finished…I did put in some gold highlights and I think the flower looks fine. I will however try to be more prudent in understanding how the colors are supposed to be arranged…It seems I am having a bit of a struggle following the color scheme. I am hoping all will flow together nicely …so far so good… I am working on the leaves and there are three different kinds…there is also a bit of color struggle on these…I will show you when I am done with one set…just about there. Looking good though….. 


Love to hear comments...thanks!