The upper Leaves…Trevelyon’s Cap 

     The upper leaves on the first set are kinda finished…there is still some goldwork to be placed along the vein lines which will take place later on in the course… 

As I shared before I am having a color challenge and I have noticed now that the darker greens are actually supposed to be in the center with the lighter ones fanning out to the edges of the four lower leaves below.  I am going to be  consistant and do them all the same across the piece. Here’s hoping they come out nice once the goldwork is added on. My visual imagination says “yes” they will be fine. There is enough contrast.  We shall see down the road. It is nice to share the “raggedness” of a piece before it is finished because it will allow one to love it all the more when all the final pieces come together.  I am enjoying the “cosmo” embroidery thread. This is really the first larger project that will  use it extensively. I have been happy with it before for smaller projects. 

Love to hear comments...thanks!