Field Mouse…a Tanja Berlin Design

  This project has been sitting in one of my bins where I keep the “to do” mainly because I “want” to do this one a lot… I started a week or so ago…one of those embroideries that I know I will learn tons to help improve my needle painting… Tanja has what I call very intricate instructions… I am glad however I am tackling this one after I have done some of her other projects…this one is a bit more advanced but I wanted to do a “furry creature” and get better with my technique…this one fits the bill because it is just so doggone cute…! 

 Well, here is my attempt at the leaves…I am working on my blending skills and this is an area that will be used a lot in this project…I am hoping I will not “overthink” the long and short shading…I try to keep in mind this stitch is a freeing one which allows me some “Oh gee, I need a stitch here or there”… Having that attitude has helped me tremendously…the diagrams of course give a more precise look at how the stitches are supposed to lay out…but that is just for “in my opinion” an example…I have found “long and short stitch to be freeing… are stitching within the parameters of the lines..however…they get covered up and it just is freeing to do this stitch… for me anyway…hey I like to watch TV when I stitch and this is one stitch I enjoy doing!  I can already see that I need to practice more and that is why I am doing this project..I know I will be happy when it is finished and I will want to “pet” my mouse!


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