A way to organize your floss for stitching a project…

It was decided early on there needed to be a way to keep my Embroidery Floss organized…I finally came upon an idea that works for me…you need to find one that fits… you…. as each of us is different in how we approach our crafts…. 

First… a skein of floss….. then find the end that can pull freely out… then put a neat little “white snap ring” through the upper part where the floss is pulled… (these are from a place that sells …..rings to make chainmail for medieval costumes…)  The Ring Lord


When you pull on the strand….the floss will only come off to a certain length which has helped my  stitching with to long a length….If you need a longer length you can just pull it through the other side and more will come off …but also will stop again….

Now for the neat part…since there are six strands of floss…you  now pull one strand…threading my needle and the others will bunch up at the ring…. just long enough for stitching….

 Leave the floss bunched or smooth it out to get another piece when youu need it…then bunching it up all over again…works great….One thing I do then is put all of the colors I am working with on a large metal ring…which for a small project is nice or you could put them on multiple metal rings and organize then by the colors or numbers you will be working with…For the Trevelyon’s Cap course this is what I did with my floss….all the colors are on one big ring and I can flip them around and keep the color that I am working with on the outside…..  this is what works for me…..maybe it will give you some ideas too….

Oh….I forgot to mention  that any leftover lengths of floss can be easily put back on the ring of the same color to be used the next time you need that color….


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