Field Mouse Part 3

Tanja Berlin gives excellent “very detailed” instructions for Needle Painting and other forms of embroidery…Her website has some stunning examples of Needle Painting. Below is a picture of The Field Mouse that was done by her..


Now to share where I am at in this needle painting…Last time I mentioned this piece I was working on the stems…I am finally at the “wheat ear” on the left hand side and have done just a couple of the husks…the colors will change a bit as I work my way down the stalk…Will this be exactly like Tanjas? Definitely not…I am glad that Needle Painting has a certain freeform about the process and because of light..shading ect. in nature and life…the final finished piece will be different in subtle ways…where I place my stitches are certainly going to be different than Tanjas …plus I am always learning and striving to improve…Tanja has tons more experience than myself!


2 thoughts on “Field Mouse Part 3

  1. Catherine

    I lover this little mouse! He is so gorgeous and I can’t wait to see him develop with you. Thanks for the positive feedback on Tanja’s kits. I love her designs and have been thinking about purchasing one as I love her designs so much. It might need to get added to the list for this year!

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      I found Tanya many years ago now and it was basically her designs that got me started in Thread Painting…The way she puts together her instructions works great for me and my old brain!
      Thanks for the input and I do hope you get a chance to do one of her designs…it will take me some time to finish the “Field Mouse”
      as I am working on a “crazy quilt” class for a local guild…


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