Nicola Jarvis and the Stitched Owl

Soooo….I had been wondering what was going on with the “Crewel Owl” that I stitched for “Designer Nicola Jarvis” . My trip to Williamsburg was almost two years ago “May 2014” that was when she had asked me to stitch one of her designs for her “Hillwood Collection” …of course I said “yes”..she does a lot of her own stitching work but enjoys the designing end and therefore asks different stitchers to help out…
I sent the finished “owl” to her back in late February 2014… to England…and yesterday the 16th of January I received a copy of the program /booklet that she created for the “Knitting and Stitching Show” in Harrogate England in Early December last year…
Lo and behold there is a picture of the owl that was stitched by me. What a wonderful testament to my skills especially from someone who is in their 60’s and have been stitching since a very young age…I can remember doing needlework when I was nine years old….so a very long….time.
I am thanking Nicola for giving me the opportunity and wish her all success in all her endeavors….


2 thoughts on “Nicola Jarvis and the Stitched Owl

  1. Tam

    Did she credit you for stitching the owl? She should have. It’s a testament to your impeccable needlework skills! Congratulations!


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