Field Mouse Part 6…the back feet

Okay…the feet are definitely a challenge.  Trying to make curves, shading and then the dolls hair! Dolls hair…I even wrote Tanja Berlin about the “dolls hair”. This was a new experience and below is a picture of the dolls hair..  frizzy… 

 After emailing Tanja she quickly replied that “yes” you use “one” “only one” strand of the dolls hair. I am sure you can see just one strand above….”It’s the FRIZZY stuff”.  It is a unique and undeniably ornery frizzy strand of hair to work with! Dang…it stretches and curls…Major use of the magnifyer to thread the doggone thing! Final analysis…it works! The dolls hair is used to outline ..with a stem stitch …the toes on the mouse. Can barely see the stuff but just adds enough definition to give the toes a shout out so they say  “here we are.. tada!  Laugh all you want…it was something new I learned and if you look at Tanja’s work …I just know this frizzy stuff makes a difference in the look of the feet…One more step for little ole me to proficiency! (I did laugh at this strand of dolls hair a lot). Below is a picture of one of the feet. Need to tweak a bit with the dolls hair but as always when finished I am usually pleased…. Can you actually see the dolls hair?  I was using the magnifying glass and I wanted a more powerful one stitching with this stuff!

I have the upper feet to go….the dolls hair will ride again through the needle into and onto the fabric….”What fun!” (patience is a virtue…I keep saying to myself…then I laugh…)  Enjoy your week!

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