A Pair of Pillows

Looking through some photographs this morning I came across this picture of my twin pillows..This is a JanLynn Designs  
that I made many years ago…A commercial pattern/kit…(No longer available)..it used what they called “candlewicking” and having learned a lot about heirloom sewing by machine I was intrigued to do this design by hand..the center motif has butterflies and I remember the instructions saying to use two strands of floss to do them with. I just thought it was to thick! Those butterflies are delicate so I proceeded to use only one strand of floss..which made more work because of the filling… the candlewicking was done by bringing the thread up on top so a very pretty motif formed. Most candlewicking is a surface only knot so to have the thread cross on the top of the fabric with the knot was different. One of the harder things was to do “both” in the same color..throughout the whole piece. As always I thoroughly enjoyed the work…I look at them now and the time was well spent making these…

The second picture below is the close up of the center motif as you can see the butterflies definitely look soft and delicate am I was glad for embroidering them with one strand of floss.

Next is a photo of the candlewicking…tedious…but the final effect was worth it…One thing I probably will always repeat is that I am glad as needleworkers we can enjoy our own pieces and finish and tweak them the way we want. By the way the lace edging on the pillow was put on by sewing machine using a fine 80 weight thread on a folded piece of fabric then gathered and stitched ….I like it still…I must have done these pillows about 5 years ago now…

Hope  you can get some inspiration from the techniques shown…..Back to stitching on my Mouse!

2 thoughts on “A Pair of Pillows

  1. Tam

    The butterflies are masterpieces! I can’t imagine stitching more than an outline with one strand of floss. There must be a gallery where you can exhibit your exquisite work, Avis.

  2. Catherine

    How generous of you to share these photos! A lovely surprise to find the photos. Candle wicking was one of the first types of needlework I learnt (after cross stitch and long stitch), so it holds a special place with me. I love your butterflies – beautiful and delicate!


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