Enjoying techniques…

Today is for “technique geeks”…One of the best things is “learning and trying” different sewing/embroidery techniques. A friend who is a prolific quilter has always repeated the mantra “learn something new every day” (of course it may be about something other than sewing/embroidery) I had this really cute piece of what I called fairy fabric, it just called to me…sparkly…and dainty…So I finally decided to make a pillow out of it…I know….another pillow…. well…there are approximately 5 different techniques on this pillow…Most relate to my “heirloom sewing background” Below is a picture of the pillow. Showing some wear but still in pretty good condition!

 This is a list of the techniques on this pillow … gathering…sharks teeth…cording….decorative cording….metallic thread decorative stitching…. using the built in stippling stitch on my sewing machine…binding….and borders..


Above is a picture of the sharks teeth with the stippling to help hold them in place. First I glued them to keep the point of the fold and then I stippled them…I did 4 strips this way… I made a folded bias tape and zigzagged the edges down in the process of making the pillow…A pink border was also added to give a nicer finish to the sharks teeth.. I put a gathered flange on the inside of the bias tape and decorative cording…Now the decorative cording was done with pink and then using a machine blanket stitch and metallic thread I stitched over the cord to add a decorative touch.

Above is a closeup of the cording and bias …In the center  of the pillow using a decorative stitch with metallic thread I just meandered around the prints of the fairies..

The grandchildren love this pillow which is a nice remembrance when they come to visit….we are all so spread out these days!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week…we are enduring winter weather here….barely!!

Love to hear comments...thanks!