“A Crazy Quilted Egg”!

What’s the biggest “egg” in the world? It happens that it is the “ostrich egg” average size of 6 inches in circumference to 5-1/2 inches long.  That is about how big this crazy quilted egg is!  The panels of this egg have been done for awhile but resisted putting it together until recently.   The pattern was from Valerie Bothell  a few years ago because I thought it would be cute and unusual to make one. It is a fairly simple pattern.  Of course adding my own touches which is what’s nice about crazy quilting (plus some odds and ends hanging about disappear).

The pictures show each panel plus a couple of the embellishments…..

Like the rabbit and carrot charms?…they come from Susan Clarke Originals. They make really cute buttons and charms and other things. 

Lots of ribbon embroidery, beading, and flower sequins. 

  The little duckling is a button from who knows where?  I figure it appeared  in my grandmothers button box long ago. Trims along the seams…It was fun picking them out…

See the small bird charm…cute things are nice….the buttons  are very old  and from some grandparent. Below is a closeup picture of the “beaded cabachon”  that is on the right of this picture. A little blurry  but fun to do. First you need to glue it on the fabric (EE6000) even though the beads tend to hold the cabachon in place…it is more secure if you glue it..Ask me how I know…you really do not want to lose you “cabachon”!!


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