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Have you ever heard of “Salley Mavor”?

   One of the nice things some bloggers do is have “giveaways”. Salley Mavor who is the designer behind Wee Folk Studio makes these really unusual “small dolls”…representing all kinds of life…and fantasy..She takes from nature and just goes with it! Recently she had a “giveaway” and I won a poster…looking forward to receiving it. Her latest work “Cover Up” is about what different women wear in different cultures..extremely unique. 

   Below is a picture of the poster with just a few of her “Cover Ups” represented. Sharing this is a way to show her work. Salley has done illustrations for storybooks with her art and has a couple of books out that teaches on how to make her “Wee Folk”.  I am always in awe of the creativity as well as the takeaway for me to keep my creative juices flowing. Check out her  Etsy Shop….you can see more of what she does and the poster below is available there….I am thinking about framing mine and giving it at a gift for one of my grandchildren….we shall see…I might just hang it in the guest room where they stay when they come for a visit!

So enjoy!


Field Mouse Part 9

     Am I getting closer to being finished with with this project?…I sure hope so…I am admitting that I need to stop stitching for awhile and take breaks and work on a smaller or totally different types of stitching…So far leaning towards “silk ribbon embroidery/stumpwork…we shall see. Looking forward to the next project…

    The lower body of the “Field Mouse” is taking shape. I am finding I am using the “picture” more and more as the lines on my fabric are very light.. drawing them in darker is what should have been done so therefore struggling a bit. Lots of fun as enjoyment of the freedom of just placing stitches to get the desired effect is so rewarding…it is hard to express the feeling I get when looking at the mouse and seeing the “fur” take shape..Maybe like opening a present! 

    Having mentioned this before I use “air erasable” markers to help delineate the direction which the fur lays. Then stitching a long stitch with spaces in between where the “air erasable is to keep me angled correctly…great guidlines… Below is what I have accomplished so far…Still plugging along…