Field Mouse Part 9

     Am I getting closer to being finished with with this project?…I sure hope so…I am admitting that I need to stop stitching for awhile and take breaks and work on a smaller or totally different types of stitching…So far leaning towards “silk ribbon embroidery/stumpwork…we shall see. Looking forward to the next project…

    The lower body of the “Field Mouse” is taking shape. I am finding I am using the “picture” more and more as the lines on my fabric are very light.. drawing them in darker is what should have been done so therefore struggling a bit. Lots of fun as enjoyment of the freedom of just placing stitches to get the desired effect is so rewarding…it is hard to express the feeling I get when looking at the mouse and seeing the “fur” take shape..Maybe like opening a present! 

    Having mentioned this before I use “air erasable” markers to help delineate the direction which the fur lays. Then stitching a long stitch with spaces in between where the “air erasable is to keep me angled correctly…great guidlines… Below is what I have accomplished so far…Still plugging along…


2 thoughts on “Field Mouse Part 9

  1. Catherine

    How wonderful to be getting close to finishing – that’s an exciting part with any project, though sometimes a little sad. You definitely have the ‘fur’ looking real! Really lovely stitching. And I commend you for not getting distracted with other projects! I always have at least two ‘active’ projects, and at the moment am wanting quick easy ones!

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      I have two embroidery projects going too…my problem is I also do machine sewing at times so I get torn and then I get overwhelmed so “absolutely” everything becomes slow as snails! Then I bury myself in a good book or movie for a change of pace!


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