Trevelyon’s Cap Course…Tudor Roses (Lesson 4)

   Finally have gotten back to the “Cap Course”…. Whilst working on the Tudor Rose (lesson 4)…you need a sharp drawing pencil to draw curved lines that meet in a point in each petal to give it an overturn look…well…deciding to use a very fine permanent pen…put my dot in..and ….it ran/spread…I figured it was just the dot so continued on drawing my curves as suggested in the directions…the pen ran there too as you can see below…I do like thin lines…Maybe I should have used the air erasable…we shall see how this all comes out…

   Next I used the “gold/yellow” floss to satin stitch the curves…first using a tiny split stitch around the top curve…then starting at the center point bringing up the one strand of floss and filling the space in…below shows the result of one of the Roses…The brain debate kicked in as to whether they will get redone or not…Thankfully all the lines will be covered so therefore decided to use the upper part of the thick line as my guide for the satin stitches. Trying to put the pedal to the medal to get this finished…so many other wonderful stitching challenges out there that are calling me…

2 thoughts on “Trevelyon’s Cap Course…Tudor Roses (Lesson 4)

  1. Catherine

    It is so nice to see you making progress on this! I really need to get back onto it, but I have a few other projects to get out of the way first! Your stitching is really lovely. It’s a shame the pen ran, but you seem to be coping with it well, and it will all be covered anyway!

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      Believe me I am glad the lines will be covered…it is a good thing…always…. as there have been many times when I have said “Oh, that’s right, that will be covered”. So relief ensues! The only thing I am concerned about is the size of these petals which are inconsistent and the outcome of the next step. Working on that right now….


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