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A Taste of Leaves and Flowers.. Home Sweet Home Embroidered Workbox

With the “two” projects that are in the works..they both have tons of leaves…Just getting a bit weary of leaves…These however use a “fly stitch” to create a ridge in the center. Once I got the hang of it…all is going more smoothly. There are three color changes with it. Makes me feel like they are blowing in the breeze and the “sun is shining”!..  A new stitch for me is the “Rosette Stitch”. Basically you have your needle threaded with three strands of floss …then  whilst just making a small straight stitch “without pulling the needle all the way through” you wrap the floss under and around the pointed end and the eye end of the needle 3 times keeping the floss as flat as possible (the hard part). Take the needle to the back and bring it up in the middle so you can couch the floss ring you have made in two places (across from each other). To make the center a “colonial knot” is used (similar to a french knot but twisted). There are some “how to”videos on You Tube that are great. Still learning the rosette is fiddly because the wraps move…The picture below is a good example of how they are done…LOTS of these roses and leaves and I am thankful that the front of this box is small and will finish up fairly quickly.

Embroidered Workbox Windows

The outline stitch for the windows was different to do it is called  “Portuguese Border Stitch”…the color of the floss is a varigated grey silk…and extremely hard for me to see  and then-needing to remember the sequence of the stitch to make it work. First you need to stitch these little teeny tiny straight stitches all around so you can weave the floss in and out of them “twice” for each side! Ugh! 

    They are a bit skewed here and there but in the end it all seams to work out. These stitches are so small and hard to use the floss to weave through…many thanks goes to my magnifyer!…..(still small)..!!!

    This is the window with the frame done….closeup..EEEEK ! l learned a new stitch and it was okay except that I could not see the thread real well and hopefully the messups are hidden…This stitch for me is very forgiving…thank goodness for a color that just blends in….Below are all the front panel windows done …Now onto the next thing…….! 


Soooo…I wanted to start something simple…. Not!

     I like having a project going that will take less time then more…this next project “can be that way”….however….it needs to be put together when finished… Many parts….will make up the whole. This project will be long in “finishing” with parts being done one at a time… Okay..I bought all the kit needs for “Carolyn Pearce’s ….Home Sweet Home Embroidered Workbox” many years ago…Janet Granger who does beautiful Miniature Needlepoint decided she would blog about her process in making this box…She inspired me to get started…although she did the items in the box first ..I have decided to do the box itself so therefore the front of the house is first up. Below is the picture of the front when finished. The box is small…the picture makes it look big…I went looking for the finished size …..I am sure it’s in there but just haven’t located it…


     I really like the fact I can make some changes if I want to…. The walls are going to be a pale green silk dupioni backed with a fusible cotton…and the windows are really neat with the old fashioned diamond panes..The window “glass” is a metallic organza that is fused to steam-a-seam lite …the window pattern traced on and cut out then fused on to the silk where the tracings are….Using an air erasable marker…. I was able to get fairly accurate panes using a “Cloud filling stitch”…all the stitches instructions are shown in the book. Next are the frames around the windows which use a stitch called “Portugese border stitch”. This particular stitch is interesting…For me I kinda feel I need to do more to make it look finished…Below is one of the windows with just the organza and The panes finished…Then on to the the frame which will need some mulling over…. so that process will be shown next time…

Finished with Lesson 4 Trevelyon Cap…

     I will say this lesson went quickly and plus spending more time on it got it done…! In the photo below is what is finished so far. The floss I am using is “Cosmos” as I have a full set of it. Therefore the colors will be different than the ones used in what the instructions call for ..also the fabric is a dark lightweight acetate backed with a fusible cotton.. I think I mentioned this in an earlier post. I have been using “Glad Press n Seal” right along to keep it clean…I have an extra piece that gets folded over the work and because of the slight stickiness it picks up the small bits that have been left behind…You can actually see some of them in the photo. As always I might decide to tweak a few things….some stitching needs to be looked at again.

    So now onto Lesson 5…It has a lot of blue so should also go quickly because they are flowers! Very pretty! It has been very relaxing to be working on this again. As I looked at Lesson 5 and then on the project to see where I was to embroider next I noticed on the far right that a small piece of drawn line was missing on the center thistle flower…this time I am just going to use my air erasable to fill it in! (mainly because I am not sure where my original pen is that I used to do the tracing…hmmmmmm!)