Finished with Lesson 4 Trevelyon Cap…

     I will say this lesson went quickly and plus spending more time on it got it done…! In the photo below is what is finished so far. The floss I am using is “Cosmos” as I have a full set of it. Therefore the colors will be different than the ones used in what the instructions call for ..also the fabric is a dark lightweight acetate backed with a fusible cotton.. I think I mentioned this in an earlier post. I have been using “Glad Press n Seal” right along to keep it clean…I have an extra piece that gets folded over the work and because of the slight stickiness it picks up the small bits that have been left behind…You can actually see some of them in the photo. As always I might decide to tweak a few things….some stitching needs to be looked at again.

    So now onto Lesson 5…It has a lot of blue so should also go quickly because they are flowers! Very pretty! It has been very relaxing to be working on this again. As I looked at Lesson 5 and then on the project to see where I was to embroider next I noticed on the far right that a small piece of drawn line was missing on the center thistle flower…this time I am just going to use my air erasable to fill it in! (mainly because I am not sure where my original pen is that I used to do the tracing…hmmmmmm!)

Love to hear comments...thanks!