Embroidered Workbox Windows

The outline stitch for the windows was different to do it is called  “Portuguese Border Stitch”…the color of the floss is a varigated grey silk…and extremely hard for me to see  and then-needing to remember the sequence of the stitch to make it work. First you need to stitch these little teeny tiny straight stitches all around so you can weave the floss in and out of them “twice” for each side! Ugh! 

    They are a bit skewed here and there but in the end it all seams to work out. These stitches are so small and hard to use the floss to weave through…many thanks goes to my magnifyer!…..(still small)..!!!

    This is the window with the frame done….closeup..EEEEK ! l learned a new stitch and it was okay except that I could not see the thread real well and hopefully the messups are hidden…This stitch for me is very forgiving…thank goodness for a color that just blends in….Below are all the front panel windows done …Now onto the next thing…….! 


Love to hear comments...thanks!