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Home Sweet Home Workbox ..Front Finish!

The rest of the ground stitching included detached chain stitch, colonial knots, stem stitch and some granito stitches. Finally after doing “more” of the colonial knots they have become okay to do…mainly need to remember to keep the floss above the needle at the beginning as it helps remind one how to make the figure 8 twist around the needle…The granito stitch is just a simple stacked also can be used for a technique called candlewicking..each stitch is a series of straight stitches put up on top of one another by using the same hole. Depending on the thread you are using will determine how many times you do this and also how you want the granito to look… Below the blue flowers use the  granito stitch and you can see that even though using the same hole each time for 3 times the floss makes a nice full looking petal…

Now that the first panel of this workbox is finished I will get the next one set up… plan on doing that today at some point. Below is the finished front piece. Definitely have to glue down those “charms” with EE6000 glue. I also am considering clipping off the eyelet on the potted plant..looks weird. Need to get some “housework” done…my neverending job is calling …..drat….!

Home Sweet Home Embroidered Workbox…Front Ground!

     Started out doing the “Raised Cross-stitch” ..interesting stitch…it is basically a cross-stitch  that you weave around each spoke to get a “flower”. The instructions called for two strands of silk called SOIE CRISTALE by Caron that is a 12 ply silk floss instead of the usual 6 ply you find in the DMC cotton and others. I had never used this silk floss before and I will say I liked it very much…surprisingly the floss was snag free on these old hands! The center knot is my favorite “colonial knot”.. NOT! They frustrate me…I always have to look them up to remind me how to do them…one has to wrap them in a figure eight around the needle and inevitably makes me cross-eyed trying to get it right…Practice make perfect though and I do believe with this project I will be doing a lot of “Colonial Knots”….soooo…maybe just maybe I will finally have them glued in my brain! There should be room for this stitch as I know there is lots of sticky stuff up there!  The odd thing about the colonial knots in these flowers is that you really are unable to see them because they are “black”! What a waste…I could have just done a french knot and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference…! My plan today (after three weeks of family visiting) is to “chill” in this hot weather and finish up this panel! If you look you can also see the grasses have been stitched below …just have some cute small flowers and buds to finish…along with some stems! 

Home Sweet Home Embroidered Workbox…Front Door

     Following directions for the front door wasn’t working for me. It was supposed to be a variant on the “Cretan Stitch”. Looking at the instructions…even with pictures was just to much at this point in time. Soooo….I just did a plain old Cretan Stitch..and then I used some extra wool to “kind of stuff” behind the stitching to give it a slighly raised effect…It came out pretty neat… I know the door knob is a little big, however, at least you can see it!! I do like the way the door looks like a heavy old fashioned wood door. I am excited about getting the ground finished…I will share later on my “huge” problem because I read the directions wrong..but that affects the putting together of the actual workbox….

In the first photo I am showing the process I used to mark my door for the Cretan Stitch. Air erasable marker to the rescue…You can see how it has disappeared in the photos…Even a crooked line gets straightened out in the end…the last photo is the door “done and dusted”! Just as an interesting aside you were supposed to use some waste canvas and do the Cretan Stitching on it…then pull threads and leave it on the fabric…however I decided to just directly stitch on the fabric…less confusion on my part…

Home Sweet Home Embroidered Workbox…Rabbit Finish

     The rabbit turned out cute…I pulled a …hmmm…moment when I thought I used the wrong color of wool…still not sure but no matter I am pleased…I have a neat looking carrot charm that will be added later on …..only the door and the ground flowers and grass need to be finished. Starting to think about the next panel… I plan on doing the embroidery on the bits that go inside last because I want to put them all on one larger piece of fabric to embroider all at the same time.  However there is another project I need to really get moving on….and get it finished!

     The ears on the rabbit were done a bit different than the directions said…they look fine to me which is all that matters… I added a bit more on the tummy area so the rabbit was a bit “plumper”. Most of the stitches are a long and short stitch ..with  Ghiordes knots (or turkey stitch) used for the puffy tail… 

Embroidered Workbox….Rabbit Head…

Below is the embroidered head of the rabbit..the stitches are “long and short stitch” and straight stitches. Wool is used and always a nice change of pace…There is one thing about this piece that is very enjoyable for me and that is the challenge of the various types of threads and techniques used…I sometimes am giddy when I get to try something different! 

Embroidered Workbox Cornflower Leaves and Stem…Glad Press ‘n’Seal

     The Cornflower has the heavy chain stitch as the stem as in the “Heartease” flower…The leaves are “long and short stitch”. The floss used for the leaves is from Weeks Dye Works. I have used their floss before for some smocking I did many years ago and enjoyed it because of the deep colorations of the floss. Soooo…the Cornflower is finished!  The rabbit  is next!

      Tam asked me about the Glad Press ‘n’Seal…It has a slightly sticky side (think sticky notes) what it has let me do is keep my work in progress clean when I stitch. In the picture below you can see where I have cut out the area where I was working so my hands stay off the rest of the piece previously stitched. My needle minder is even on the outside on top on the “Press ‘n’Seal”…  I wrap a larger piece around the whole embroidery area covering my embroidery hoops or stretch/frames…great for keeping the oil off and protects from those very unusual “accidents” one has …..I will not tell what, how or why!!:) Now when I have finished stitching an area I will  take a smaller piece and cover it up until  I am ready to stitch the next part….

Embroidered Workbox…Cornflower…Haphazard Stitching!

   It is absolutely wonderful when you can stitch and just put the stitches where you want without  much other  words…haphazardly! Just straight stitches filling in the edges and small seed stitches for the center…seed stitches are just teeny tiny straight stitches. The only lines followed are the ones to keep the flower in a round shape…Easy for me and really exciting not thinking to much. I did want easy and this flower is! Finishing off the leaves are next and then onto the really cute bunny!

Leaves…Heartsease…Embroidered Workbox

The leaves on the “violet” (maybe it really is a pansy!) are finished. The stitches used are a split back stitch, long and short stitch, and stem stitch. The air erasable marker came in handy again to draw some lines for direction on the leaves…They came out very nice and I enjoyed the process of doing them. Thinking ahead about the process before stitching them up makes a huge difference. Understanding the instructions are important to me for stitching and it works! Next up is the “Cornflower”… this flower is located way over on the other side of the door. The handy dandy “Press ‘n’ Seal will keep the work clean and tidy. One never knows when something may accidentally get on the silk so at least that is one less worry…great stuff…even pulls the dust off !

Heartsease Flower Embroidered Workbox

There are three components to this flower located to the bottom left of the front of the Embroidered Workbox.  The violet petals use chainstitch for outlining, padding stitching for underlayment and then satin stitches for the top layer. The underlayment as in “machine embroidery also” gives the item a raised effect which makes it look fuller and more lifelike.There is a “colonial knot” in the center… I actually did it without looking it up so I must be getting used to it after all the roses. The stem is done with a stitch called “heavy chain stitch”…this stitch is unusual as you have to take the floss under  the previous chain to get the “heavy look”. I had only done it once before on the Crewel Owl.. Mary Corbett over at has a video tutorial on this stitch which is excellent…the brain here needs to be reminded how to do these oddball stitches….and I had never heard of the “heavy chain stitch” until I did it on the owl. I am reserving the leaves for the next bit as I need to think on them a bit…

Home Sweet Home “Climbing Rose” Finished!

   The “Climbing Rose” portion of the front of this box is probably the most tedious yet enjoyable at the same time. Many times the piece was put aside only to come back and enjoy working on it again. happy to have this part “finished”!  The floss used for the darker pink is a brand called  “Soie Cristale” by Caron… and the Lighter pink is from Colour Streams… I have to admit these flosses are fairly new to me…I have heard of them but this is really my first time using them..I am admitting I like working with the Colour Streams more so than the floss by Caron..both are very soft and beautiful…The Colour Streams just seems smoother going through the fabric….Next is the part called the “Heartsease” flower located just a bit off to to your bottom left of the picture. Kind of reminds me of a violet…looks real pretty!