Home Sweet Home “Climbing Rose” Finished!

   The “Climbing Rose” portion of the front of this box is probably the most tedious yet enjoyable at the same time. Many times the piece was put aside only to come back and enjoy working on it again. Sooooo..am happy to have this part “finished”!  The floss used for the darker pink is a brand called  “Soie Cristale” by Caron… and the Lighter pink is from Colour Streams… I have to admit these flosses are fairly new to me…I have heard of them but this is really my first time using them..I am admitting I like working with the Colour Streams more so than the floss by Caron..both are very soft and beautiful…The Colour Streams just seems smoother going through the fabric….Next is the part called the “Heartsease” flower located just a bit off to to your bottom left of the picture. Kind of reminds me of a violet…looks real pretty!

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home “Climbing Rose” Finished!

  1. Tam

    The trunk is so realistic and the leaves seem very complex. You will need glasses by the time this is finished!


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