Heartsease Flower Embroidered Workbox

There are three components to this flower located to the bottom left of the front of the Embroidered Workbox.  The violet petals use chainstitch for outlining, padding stitching for underlayment and then satin stitches for the top layer. The underlayment as in “machine embroidery also” gives the item a raised effect which makes it look fuller and more lifelike.There is a “colonial knot” in the center… I actually did it without looking it up so I must be getting used to it after all the roses. The stem is done with a stitch called “heavy chain stitch”…this stitch is unusual as you have to take the floss under  the previous chain to get the “heavy look”. I had only done it once before on the Crewel Owl.. Mary Corbett over at needlenthread.com has a video tutorial on this stitch which is excellent…the brain here needs to be reminded how to do these oddball stitches….and I had never heard of the “heavy chain stitch” until I did it on the owl. I am reserving the leaves for the next bit as I need to think on them a bit…

2 thoughts on “Heartsease Flower Embroidered Workbox

  1. Tam

    Most unusual stitches which I’ve never heard of. The padding provides a realistic appearance to the flower. Carry on, master embroiderer!


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