Leaves…Heartsease…Embroidered Workbox

The leaves on the “violet” (maybe it really is a pansy!) are finished. The stitches used are a split back stitch, long and short stitch, and stem stitch. The air erasable marker came in handy again to draw some lines for direction on the leaves…They came out very nice and I enjoyed the process of doing them. Thinking ahead about the process before stitching them up makes a huge difference. Understanding the instructions are important to me for stitching and it works! Next up is the “Cornflower”… this flower is located way over on the other side of the door. The handy dandy “Press ‘n’ Seal will keep the work clean and tidy. One never knows when something may accidentally get on the silk so at least that is one less worry…great stuff…even pulls the dust off !

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