Embroidered Workbox…Cornflower…Haphazard Stitching!

   It is absolutely wonderful when you can stitch and just put the stitches where you want without  much thinking..in other  words…haphazardly! Just straight stitches filling in the edges and small seed stitches for the center…seed stitches are just teeny tiny straight stitches. The only lines followed are the ones to keep the flower in a round shape…Easy for me and really exciting not thinking to much. I did want easy and this flower is! Finishing off the leaves are next and then onto the really cute bunny!

3 thoughts on “Embroidered Workbox…Cornflower…Haphazard Stitching!

  1. Catherine

    Oh I really don’t think you should tell people it was easy – it looks fabulous!
    I’m really enjoying watchiing you stitch this piece. It’s been on my wish list for a very long time!

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      With all the “thinking” about where some stitches go this flower was a nice change of pace and we all need that. The leaves have to be more exact…but what fun!


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