Embroidered Workbox Cornflower Leaves and Stem…Glad Press ‘n’Seal

     The Cornflower has the heavy chain stitch as the stem as in the “Heartease” flower…The leaves are “long and short stitch”. The floss used for the leaves is from Weeks Dye Works. I have used their floss before for some smocking I did many years ago and enjoyed it because of the deep colorations of the floss. Soooo…the Cornflower is finished!  The rabbit  is next!

      Tam asked me about the Glad Press ‘n’Seal…It has a slightly sticky side (think sticky notes) what it has let me do is keep my work in progress clean when I stitch. In the picture below you can see where I have cut out the area where I was working so my hands stay off the rest of the piece previously stitched. My needle minder is even on the outside on top on the “Press ‘n’Seal”…  I wrap a larger piece around the whole embroidery area covering my embroidery hoops or stretch/frames…great for keeping the oil off and protects from those very unusual “accidents” one has …..I will not tell what, how or why!!:) Now when I have finished stitching an area I will  take a smaller piece and cover it up until  I am ready to stitch the next part….

Love to hear comments...thanks!