Home Sweet Home Embroidered Workbox…Rabbit Finish

     The rabbit turned out cute…I pulled a …hmmm…moment when I thought I used the wrong color of wool…still not sure but no matter I am pleased…I have a neat looking carrot charm that will be added later on …..only the door and the ground flowers and grass need to be finished. Starting to think about the next panel… I plan on doing the embroidery on the bits that go inside last because I want to put them all on one larger piece of fabric to embroider all at the same time.  However there is another project I need to really get moving on….and get it finished!

     The ears on the rabbit were done a bit different than the directions said…they look fine to me which is all that matters… I added a bit more on the tummy area so the rabbit was a bit “plumper”. Most of the stitches are a long and short stitch ..with  Ghiordes knots (or turkey stitch) used for the puffy tail… 

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