Home Sweet Home Embroidered Workbox…Front Door

     Following directions for the front door wasn’t working for me. It was supposed to be a variant on the “Cretan Stitch”. Looking at the instructions…even with pictures was just to much at this point in time. Soooo….I just did a plain old Cretan Stitch..and then I used some extra wool to “kind of stuff” behind the stitching to give it a slighly raised effect…It came out pretty neat… I know the door knob is a little big, however, at least you can see it!! I do like the way the door looks like a heavy old fashioned wood door. I am excited about getting the ground finished…I will share later on my “huge” problem because I read the directions wrong..but that affects the putting together of the actual workbox….

In the first photo I am showing the process I used to mark my door for the Cretan Stitch. Air erasable marker to the rescue…You can see how it has disappeared in the photos…Even a crooked line gets straightened out in the end…the last photo is the door “done and dusted”! Just as an interesting aside you were supposed to use some waste canvas and do the Cretan Stitching on it…then pull threads and leave it on the fabric…however I decided to just directly stitch on the fabric…less confusion on my part…

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