Home Sweet Home Embroidered Workbox…Front Ground!

     Started out doing the “Raised Cross-stitch” ..interesting stitch…it is basically a cross-stitch  that you weave around each spoke to get a “flower”. The instructions called for two strands of silk called SOIE CRISTALE by Caron that is a 12 ply silk floss instead of the usual 6 ply you find in the DMC cotton and others. I had never used this silk floss before and I will say I liked it very much…surprisingly the floss was snag free on these old hands! The center knot is my favorite “colonial knot”.. NOT! They frustrate me…I always have to look them up to remind me how to do them…one has to wrap them in a figure eight around the needle and inevitably makes me cross-eyed trying to get it right…Practice make perfect though and I do believe with this project I will be doing a lot of “Colonial Knots”….soooo…maybe just maybe I will finally have them glued in my brain! There should be room for this stitch as I know there is lots of sticky stuff up there!  The odd thing about the colonial knots in these flowers is that you really are unable to see them because they are “black”! What a waste…I could have just done a french knot and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference…! My plan today (after three weeks of family visiting) is to “chill” in this hot weather and finish up this panel! If you look you can also see the grasses have been stitched below …just have some cute small flowers and buds to finish…along with some stems! 

Love to hear comments...thanks!