Home Sweet Home Workbox ..Front Finish!

The rest of the ground stitching included detached chain stitch, colonial knots, stem stitch and some granito stitches. Finally after doing “more” of the colonial knots they have become okay to do…mainly need to remember to keep the floss above the needle at the beginning as it helps remind one how to make the figure 8 twist around the needle…The granito stitch is just a simple stacked stitch..it also can be used for a technique called candlewicking..each stitch is a series of straight stitches put up on top of one another by using the same hole. Depending on the thread you are using will determine how many times you do this and also how you want the granito to look… Below the blue flowers use the  granito stitch and you can see that even though using the same hole each time for 3 times the floss makes a nice full looking petal…

Now that the first panel of this workbox is finished I will get the next one set up… plan on doing that today at some point. Below is the finished front piece. Definitely have to glue down those “charms” with EE6000 glue. I also am considering clipping off the eyelet on the potted plant..looks weird. Need to get some “housework” done…my neverending job is calling …..drat….!

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    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      Me…keep track of the hours? I stitch to destress and for the pure enjoyment…soooo relaxing for “me”.. Well I started the back yesterday so will post something about that later on…


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