Home Sweet Home Workbox…Back Wall…Autumn Orange

Better later than never…It has just been to muggy and hot to do much of anything…The title at least makes me feel Autumn is coming…Yes…I finally picked up the part of the back of the workbox and started to embroider the trunk of the tree with a stranded wool called” Gloriana Lorikeet”..I am pretty sure I have mentioned before that using all these different types of embroidery threads is a wonderful treat…now whether I like them or not…at least I have tried them..This crewel wool is “fine” and for the trunk of the tree you use two strands for the bigger part and then use one strand for the smaller branches. The wool is varigated and adds some very nice contrast to the trunk…The picture below shows just the main trunk and where I started again with the crewel wool (boy that just sounds hot!) . I separated the two strands so the difference can be seen.

The stitches used here are the “stem stitch and the outline stitch” alternating the two in rows…Are they precisely done?..Not sure…to much fuzzy going on…Trying to remember how to do these “supposedly” simple stitches has always been a challenge…For me I finally decided this was the best way “outline” means “O”ver and then stem is under. Now Over for me means above but I like the fact I can use the “O” in outline to remind me how it works! Pretty slick for my memory!
This is the backside picture from the instructions in the book “Home Sweet Home” Embroidered Workbox by Carolyn Pearce …”Autumn Orange”…Remember this is a small box …One day I will show just how small it is.

Just a quick update…I have been taking a brief break from stitching…I did work for a little while on the “Trevelyon Cap” and hopefully will show some progress on that shortly… My mind keeps saying ” I need to finish…I need to finish..let the fingers go stitching! My body says “cool, stay cool, I want to stick my head in the refrigerator”. As you can tell August is definitely not a favorite month of the year!

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home Workbox…Back Wall…Autumn Orange

  1. Tam

    These dog days of August make me too lethargic to do anything except watch the Olympics. I like the “0” for outline stitch and will adopt that tip immediately. Your tree is growing slowly though!

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      Tam, Growing very slowly….it’s an old tree of course????! Just have a bit going on here and being extremely lazy…at just about everything! Heat makes everything seem overwhelming!


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