Home Sweet Home Workbox Back Wall Tree Finish

     Ahhh…finally some cooler weather especially in the morning….The tree trunk and branches are finished. The stitching went pretty quick . That was nice. As you can see in the photo I stitched the next item which is an orange. I already took it out once and still am thinking about redoing it another way . The color is a little different than the original in the previous post (the picture from the book). I am thinking about changing the method of stitching which is an elongated “crosstitch”.  I need to bring my smocking skills to the forefront so I can lay the three strands of silk floss next to one another …or even better find a perle thread that would look nice instead…hopefully I will take a few minutes and look for something today..I think the oranges need more color…the color supplied with the kit is a little on the drab side for and orange…not fall color enough for me…I like that we as stitchers can change things up!

4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home Workbox Back Wall Tree Finish

  1. Catherine

    Your stitching is so wonderfully neat. The branches look fantastic. It looks like an interesting stitch for the orange – do you know what the stitch is called?

    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author


      Carolyn Pearce called it a “long armed cross stitch” I had never heard of it but somehow it seemed familiar. The cross part is supposed to land in the middle of the object you are stitching and in this case a circle will start out shorter at the top and get longer then get shorter again. I just tried it out by a picture drawing she had in her book. I plan on looking to see if I can find anything else about it in some of the stitching reference books I have and also check the internet…I am going to change the color to more of an orange but I did want to see what it would look like in the floss provided..not bold enough for me…
      Was out today enjoying the cooler weather!


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