Home Sweet Home Back Wall… Oranges…Leaves

   Changing the type and color of a stitch from what the designer has written in their instructions makes one sometimes feel like you are taking their hard work and putting it aside..Myself for one truly understands all the work that goes into the design from the concept, sketching, decisions on what stitches to use then each individual color/thread that is used for all the different areas of a design. Boggles my mind! So when changing a designers idea to what works for me I still get a twinge of “but it should have done it their way” guilt. 

 After having stitched for so many years whether handwork or machine embroidery….then with all the wonderful and fantastic teachers who have  “encouraged” to take a chance and change a color or type of stitch because it makes us as students to step outside the box… Sooooo….below is a photo of the change of color chosen for the oranges. Much happier with the color..the thread used is a DMC perle cotton #5 varigated… and then using a light padding underneath then covering with a satin stitch. I like the effect the tiny cross stitch gives the bottom of the orange.

The leaves use a fly stitch ….same as on the front…one thing that gets very tiring at times is “leaves”so many of them! Enough said! We will see the full effect of the new colors when the tree is finished!

Love to hear comments...thanks!