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Home Sweet Home Embroidered Workbox…Back Wall Finish

   Yesss…finally finished the back wall… I changed the rabbit to a smaller one…(I finally found it…) …the behive has also been added as well as the finishing of the ground grasses and flowers. 

   Now for the interesting bit….below is the picture with a spool of sulky metallic thread next to the finished wall…Shows you how small it really is ! This will be my last post on this for awhile as I want to take a break and finish another project and start a new one….


Home Sweet Home Embroidered Workbox….Buzzzzzzzing….of the bee!

     The bee sparkles….like dew when you look at it from a distance…we have quite a few where I live and have seen them in the clover wet with dew and heavy with nectar..lovely sight. A very fine YLI gold metallic thread was used for the wings. The stitch is a buttonhole stitch that is elongated to meet the body of the bee.  The body, thorax and head of the bee is made with “two” strands of “Au Papillon fil d’Or deluxe” thread (what a mouthful). Beautiful thread… the stitches used for this part are back stitch to outline the body and then using a trellis stitch for the filling….the thorax is a couple of satin stitches with a colonial knot finish for the head. The antennae and legs are your basic small backstitch using a Au Ver a Soie Antique Metallic ….dark antique gold. 

    I was very pleased with the hand of these threads. They were extremely nice to work with compared to some other metallics I have used for machine sewing. Not sure if this would hold up in a sewing machine setting maybe someday will try it…

Home Sweet Home Embroidered Workbox Orange Filled Basket

    Gee…this is small…the first thing is to “pad” the outside basket shape with  two different sizes of teeny tiny cut felt the smaller of which is below the larger one. Below shows the padding attached with stab stitches to hold them in place the same was done with the smaller one.

   The basket itself called for “three” different stitches…the first one is  “Woven Filling Stitch”which went over the padding and inside the upper basket. The instructions for this stitch are not in the book so I took to the internet and there is a nice video on one. Just type in the stitch you want and up it came…basically it is just vertical lines stitched first then the typical over under stitched horizontally…A tad hard in this small your going over a bump!

   The second stitch is called “Portuguese Knotted Stem Stitch”. The instructions for this are in the back of the book with really nice photos..(whew!) This stitch is used for the upper basket outline around the top.The stitch is a basic stem stitch with an added two wraps of wool before you take the next stitch.

   The third stitch is (ta da!) the “Whipped Chain Stitch”. This stitch is a simple chain stitch and then taking the wool back and weaving it through the chains to give it a fuller/thicker look…Used here for the bottom of the basket and for the handles.

   The last thing to do is fill the basket with the oranges which are really nice Mill Hill seed beads…I did like the fact green floss was used to stitch these down …thought it added to the defintion of the orange. Sooooo the basket is now done!

   Pssssssssst!  The bee is next! Still working on my other project should have more to share on that shortly….