Home Sweet Home Embroidered Workbox….Buzzzzzzzing….of the bee!

     The bee sparkles….like dew when you look at it from a distance…we have quite a few where I live and have seen them in the clover wet with dew and heavy with nectar..lovely sight. A very fine YLI gold metallic thread was used for the wings. The stitch is a buttonhole stitch that is elongated to meet the body of the bee.  The body, thorax and head of the bee is made with “two” strands of “Au Papillon fil d’Or deluxe” thread (what a mouthful). Beautiful thread… the stitches used for this part are back stitch to outline the body and then using a trellis stitch for the filling….the thorax is a couple of satin stitches with a colonial knot finish for the head. The antennae and legs are your basic small backstitch using a Au Ver a Soie Antique Metallic ….dark antique gold. 

    I was very pleased with the hand of these threads. They were extremely nice to work with compared to some other metallics I have used for machine sewing. Not sure if this would hold up in a sewing machine setting maybe someday will try it…

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