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More Lesson 6..Leaves and Tracing Issues

    Whew…the leaves are done (yes there are more later on…drat!) ..which was the next step after the blueberries. Satin stitch, stem stitch and split stitch were used here..The split stitch was used around the drawn outline to help raise the stitching and give it a fuller look…I do feel there is some inconsistency in the stitching ..but I probably will leave it alone…On the tracing there were these tiny little “pokey things” above the bluberries and I traced them on. Looking at the original cap these “do not exist” and then no instructions as what to do with them so I decided to just pop a stem or straight stitch on each line. Thought about some gold but being there will be a lot of that the green looks fine by me…

     Next is a Purple flower and then onto Lesson 7. Looking at the tracing again I decided to check the original sketch and compare my tracing with it. Hmmmm…such is the results of a hand drawn piece…Actually the nuances in a hand drawn piece gives a picture its own character. There is no computer mirror images here! So that said…below are some shots of the original that the tracing was taken from and then my tracing of the last element of lesson 6. One of the things learned, hopefully, is that one will take the time to check all elements before tracing so if need be there can be some tweaking done. It is hard on a “historical piece” because for “me” I would like to keep the little idiosyncrasies in the piece. When stitching though it can be different in the way one may approach an element because the next one (that is supposed to be the same) is drawn and therefore traced different. Whew..then your stitching is different for each one. Golly…hope this makes sense!

    You can see the difference between the two flowers above. Below are two of my tracing which will be stitched next…Gee…if  you look back above at other parts you can really see how the artists drawing is not the same for the repetitive parts..fascinating! 

Lesson 6..Trevelyon Cap… color change…Berries

    This lesson covers some berries (blueberries?) …since I am using “Cosmo” floss the shades can be quite different. Using a coversion chart from DMC  to Cosmos one would think they would be close in color. I have a DMC color chart with the “real” floss colors (definitely worth the purchase). Thinking that these would match ….not …. but I like it and that is important to me…The berries below are looking a little “old fashioned” in my opinion. The more I look at them I am going to like the finished  look . There are three more sets of these to go as they repeat around the Cap. The first photo is a close up and the second one is a bit farther away… If one holds it even farther away it gives the piece a unique look.  

There are three stitches used here ..the chain stitch for outlining the bottom of the berry …satin stitch for the bottom and the grand old french knot for the top ….too cute!

There are also some leaves (I know more leaves!) in this lesson..I am pushing myself to get this done..need a pep talk here…! Still itching to get to some goldwork!

These blueberries sure are more purple/pink than the blue thistle in the last lesson!  I think they are not quite ripe yet!

Lesson 5 Trevelyon Cap….Thistle and Thistle Bud

     It is nice to have some more of this cap done…long time project…lots of bits…thinking about the “goldwork” gets me going…because that will be a different type of stitching. Almost all the elements have some type of gold…the thistle has some across it…so you will see it again!

     Below are pictures of  the thistle and then the thistle bud. Needed to outline each section with a small chain stitch then fill with a satin stitch. Started at the top and moved down to help give a look of overlap…This is one area I still need to work at.  Maybe I will get better at it the more I do it.

     Stitching flowers really have a lot of the overlapping to help show definition of depth. Also because the design is “historical” it has uneven elements from the design drawing…tough to trace and then stitch because all the lines are not quite the same.

The Chain Stitch

The Thistle

The Thistle Bud