Lesson 5 Trevelyon Cap….Thistle and Thistle Bud

     It is nice to have some more of this cap done…long time project…lots of bits…thinking about the “goldwork” gets me going…because that will be a different type of stitching. Almost all the elements have some type of gold…the thistle has some across it…so you will see it again!

     Below are pictures of  the thistle and then the thistle bud. Needed to outline each section with a small chain stitch then fill with a satin stitch. Started at the top and moved down to help give a look of overlap…This is one area I still need to work at.  Maybe I will get better at it the more I do it.

     Stitching flowers really have a lot of the overlapping to help show definition of depth. Also because the design is “historical” it has uneven elements from the design drawing…tough to trace and then stitch because all the lines are not quite the same.

The Chain Stitch

The Thistle

The Thistle Bud

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    1. Annie's Needle Arts Post author

      I admit to having a bit of a struggle with this project as it is “a lot” of work …just have to put my fingers to stitchin! I want to get this done…it is holding me back from doing my other projects!


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