Lesson 6..Trevelyon Cap… color change…Berries

    This lesson covers some berries (blueberries?) …since I am using “Cosmo” floss the shades can be quite different. Using a coversion chart from DMC  to Cosmos one would think they would be close in color. I have a DMC color chart with the “real” floss colors (definitely worth the purchase). Thinking that these would match ….not …. but I like it and that is important to me…The berries below are looking a little “old fashioned” in my opinion. The more I look at them I am going to like the finished  look . There are three more sets of these to go as they repeat around the Cap. The first photo is a close up and the second one is a bit farther away… If one holds it even farther away it gives the piece a unique look.  

There are three stitches used here ..the chain stitch for outlining the bottom of the berry …satin stitch for the bottom and the grand old french knot for the top ….too cute!

There are also some leaves (I know more leaves!) in this lesson..I am pushing myself to get this done..need a pep talk here…! Still itching to get to some goldwork!

These blueberries sure are more purple/pink than the blue thistle in the last lesson!  I think they are not quite ripe yet!

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