Monthly Archives: November 2016

Trevelyon Cap Course..Lesson 7 Buds and Leaves 

   In this lesson, of course, there are more leaves! At least now this project is more than half way through!  Below is a  picture of just the “flower bud”. It has the same colors as the one in the center. Plus an added bit of long and short shading. I still have more to do but have decided to finish one panel then go onto the next. When all four are done there will be a big reveal of having the main stitching done and I get to start the “goldwork”!  The band on the bottom is later on after the goldwork.  Probably will be ready  for some “floss stitching” again by then. My anxiety of getting this piece finished is diminishing as I progress and that is a good thing.  

Trevelyon Cap Course…Almost finished with Lesson 6….then halfway done!

The Large Purple Flowers…Yes when done with these I’ll be half way done…! Still trying to stay focused to get finished. With the holidays coming up I know there will be a slow down but maybe not! I do enjoy my stitching! 

Enjoyed doing this. Part of the leaves were done with a chain stitch which was a new change for me. The rest of the flower was a satin stitch. The yellow highlights make the flower…There was a hesitancy as to whether the flower was going to look ok…well I am happy with it!.. You can also see the differences in the flowers because of the tracings…a great representation of the original drawing.