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DMC Floss

There is this website……that is just for DMC products from France. I had told myself I would use other flosses but for some reason came back to the DMC brand..Trying different flosses threads is a passion. I was surprised to find myself drawn to threads rather than fabrics… however I do love some fabrics say like “silk dupioni.. batiste…nelona..linens and more …I just get more giggly over threads whether it be for handwork or machine work…have the right thread and all goes wonderfully well…! It is nice to have complete sets of different types of embroidery flosses….then one  can do some interchanging when working a design.  

Back to the DMC…well they had a 1/2 price sale on all threads …including the whole 454 colors of their floss ! Of course I convinced the powers that be I needed this and free shipping to boot… I also purchased the 17 new colors as an extra treat.

They came…

The box looked like a giant Chinese take out box!  Inside was this….

Looks like a jumbled mess…actually it is! There is a method to the way the floss was put in …on top was the 3000#’s and the lower you go into to mess the lower the numbers… I do sort my floss and add a ring to each one so I can pull the skein color out I need and keep it neat. I put the ring on the end of the skein where I will pull the floss from. I then can pull out a six strand length and take one stand from that and cut what I need. Works pretty slick for me… 

After all the floss is sorted and have rings I place them on a larger ring…usually about 50 on a ring. They  get labelled but haven’t gotten that far yet with this batch.

Enjoying the colors!  Those pesky bugs that are going around knocked me out for a week and am just getting my head on straighter than it was. I actually started working on a bit of the CAP yesterday…but of course with Christmas arriving sooner than later  I will be busy….Hope to get stitching in !