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A Rabbit For All Seasons

Back to something simple…I had stitched up two of these earlier (during past two years or so) and as I was organizing I came across the other two..spring and summer…I decided to get them done..I had already finished fall and winter. These are done with stitches that are used frequently…stem, lazy daisy, french knots, plain straight, etc. .  The designs are from . She has some wonderful designs you can download in .pdf  form. For me they are simple and cute. Below are the pictures of the two I finished …autumn and winter…

    As you can see most of the stitches are fairly simple.. Forgot to mention the “turkey stitch” for the tail. Once you get that down it is fun to make a fluffy tail out of it. Here is the a picture of “Spring” a work in progress..Although in the original drawing the tail is missing. I am going to put a small hint of one in and guess why? My tracing got messed up right where the tail could go so why not! 

    I am one of those people who like to tackle the harder things first and sometimes that gets me into trouble..I will get frustrated and overwhelmed…so I “need” to take a break and do some small and quick stitching…One of the downsides for me is that I have machine sewing I enjoy also and it is driving me crazy having all this sewing related ideas and projects hanging about in my brain and then ones I have to finish that are just lanquishing to be finished. I love looking at what I have made it makes me relax and smile! Ahhhh! Being creative is the best! After I finish these I have a challenge for myself that I will be tackleing. I had asked “someone” to draw a picture for me and she asked me how it was going with it and I had to tell her I was still in the thinking stages and that was almost two years ago…I am so slow..well I finally got an idea of what I am going to do and will share that later on ..hopefully sooner…


A Little Aside…Sashiko Kit

Found this kit for “coasters” that use the embroidery technique called “Sashiko”. I thought it would be nice to make them as a gift…(for next year)…great stress reliever..Great to try a new technique…for me anyway…and thought it would be easy and it is…however…below is what I recieved from “Shibori Dragon“..a quilt store I have dealt with through the years.

Here is what came in the kit…a linen panel with 5 dragonflys…The way the panel is made up so it can all be emroidered as one big piece and then sewn and cut out the same way. 

However I forgot to think that the instructions could be in another language….Japanese…ouch! Fortunately the pictures helped a lot and thanks goes to the wonderful “sewing teachers” I have had over the years that have taught me how to read a picture and be able to translate that so I can do a project.. A little tough at times but this coaster project is fairly simple.


I have begun these coasters and hopefully will get them done fairly quickly…it is nice to have something simple to do while I watch a movie and relax… I will show you more when I get the stitching done.

Trevelyon Cap Lesson 8..Goldfinger has been scratched! 

     So this is the goldwork start…!   Only a bit …but yea!!!! ….it’s started and there is lots of it to do..So for the first thing,  I needed to pick a “gold passing thread”. Below were my choices…a Japanese in 3 diffferent sizes and a Cosmos metallic thread. I tried the finest of the Japanese threads and it was just to big and I was unable to turn the corners well on the small flowers. Had to snip that out..I only did the top flower as you will see…sooooo, I tried the Cosmos metallic embroidery floss. It is divisible but I used all of it as one strand and couched it down with silk thread and I liked the way it’s a keeper for me…Makes sense anyway for me as all the other floss used is Cosmos.

After twisting and turning the thread and couching it down you need to plunge the thread to the back using a large eyed needle. 

Then “the back”…! Mmmmmm…I found one of my couching threads had knotted and a possibility of it  loosening was there…not taking that out it was decided to gather it up with the gold thread and couch it down to the back..

So it has been couched and secured on the back..You can see how I pulled the not so good silk thread from couching on the front and secured it…thankfully I am of the mind not to mind my backs! 

Now for the final look at the front finish…. I like the Cosmos metallic it flowed around the edges nicely. It is not real gold but for here I am just as happy…

Trevelyon Cap Course

Whew…I am almost there to the goldwork…I am thinking of doing a bit now that I have finished “two” of the panels..itchy goldfinger here…we shall see…holidays were a bust as far as stitching…just getting back into the routine…some changes in the home schedule are happening too so it will take some time to get used to that…

   Below is a picture of a finished panel without the goldwork…I am happy to be getting closer to the finish of course as I have said before…”I have other projects I want to do and I need to finish this one because it is so big… !!” I ended up taking some stitching out and redoing it because the colors were wrong. Learned “again” that I need to read and reread the directions. Like I said, “I have an itchy goldfinger”. Even noticed that I forgot to stitch some elements..What do you want to bet I will find some more?!! 

   Tackling a big one is fun to a point because when one finishes it it is hard to believe you actually handstitched the whole thing. I have looked at other embroideries I have finished over the years and it is hard to believe, me, myself and I actually made’s like a dream….for me anyway…never thought I could enjoy a process and the beauty of hand embroidery so much! 
    The goldwork will definitely give the piece a extravagantly beautiful finish, mainly because the goldwork wraps around so many of the elements of the flowers and background. I am debating still what to use for the goldwork…I will have to decide soon…want to pull out all the gold threads I have and just have fun playing!